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I Don't Want To Use The Referral Program, I Just Want To Exchange Links... I also do link exchanges on a case per case basis. I use a few factors when deciding if I will exchange links with someone. The biggest factor is whether I feel my visitors would also enjoy your site. If you are a web model you are highly likely to get the exchange. If you are a stockings, pantyhose, thigh highs model, you are extremely likely to get the exchange.
If you are a model providing a link to me,
send an email, a banner, and your url along with the url to the page my link is on and I will return the favor on my links page after visiting your site !:)

Are There Particular, Straight Forward Reasons You Would Not Return My Link So I Know If I Should Even Bother Asking? You are always welcome to use my referral program if you fall into one of these categories.
1. I do not link to straight pornographic sites or hard sm sites. I prefer stockings, pantyhose sites, lingerie and soft fetish.
2. I feel my link there will not benefit me fairly as compared to the link I give you. (IE: I don't want to end up at the bottom of your links page #5 and/or traffic to your website is very minimal).
3. Your front page loads slower than a trip to Alaska on the Alaskan Highway in January. Nobody waits (including me to view your site for consideration), they just leave, trust me on this.
4. You have no content. This means you are just linking to everyone elses content with banners, graphics, autoranks, etc.
5. The images on your site are not yours and you did not get permission to use them. I don't care if the person is a public figure, someone worked very hard and spent alot of money to create those images. That is stealing and your mother should have taught you about that when you were a child. Besides, your site isn't going to have more pictures of the star than her own domain is so what's the point of doing this?
Is There A Way To Make Money Linking To You? Yes, I have referral program where you can receive 50% of the join fee when someone signs up for my members area! Click HERE To Learn More and Sign Up! Anyone may use this program.


I Have A New Autorank System, Will You Sign Up? Feel free to let me know about it but the chances are slim. You would have to be a well established or high content web-site for me to consider it. There are so many autorank sites out there that I try to send my visitors to only the best sites. I used to have about 20 autorank sites listed on my site. I have reduced it to what I feel are the best and a few non-autorank sites I feel are very worthy.