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Who runs your website?
All of it is done by me. I taught myself html and it practically became a hobby. I'm always trying to make my site better and better and never stop learning. I do all the design, the uploading, everything. For legal reasons I don't own the website.
Is there any porn and sex on your website?
If you are looking for a straight porn or sex site , you should not join my website. I am the wrong website for you. My images and sets are something for the imagination as I prefer the teasing way. Of course you will find also hot poses, hot pictures, thousands of lesbian pictures and videos and I do also have some sex scenerie on my site, but it is not the principal theme of my site. My site is dedicated to lovers of i.e. stockings, pantyhoses, legs, high heels, elegant clothes, business outfits .....
Do you have foot pics, pantyhose pics, high heel pics, etc?
I get alot of questions asking if I have such and such this or such and such that. I guess the best way to answer is still if you take your time to look through my "Preview" as you find there a sample thumbnail and a description of any single set.

What my images are: Every set is telling a little story. You will (mostly) see me totally dressed, getting undressed over the pictures and ending with some hot posings or even masturbating or using a toy. There will be close ups but mostly you will see full body shots (head to toe) as I'm a leg lover by myself and I prefer the total impression.  You will see my feet in the images but they aren't the image itself. I am almost always in stockings or tights in all of them. It is rare that you will get bare skin here below the thigh. When I am bare on my legs or feet it is because the set has shown me putting stockings on or taking them off.

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Are you an amateur?
Yes and No. I'm not a complete amateur because I have modeled over years and I still model for other sites and photographers. But on my site I only do what I love and I show my personal passion, stockings and pantyhoses. You will see in my pictures a professionality and you also get an impression about me over the last 13 years.
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Are you the only model on your website?
Yes. It is my personal website and I am the MAIN model. Most photo sets are of me but I do also have thousands of photos with my girl friends as I'm bi orientated. Keeps things exciting, don't you think?
Do you take requests?
Yes, I do for my members and I have a special offer, which is one month membership including your personal custom video. Please note that your fantasy should not drift away from the main focus of my website which is stockings and pantyhose Fetish. I will always try to fulfill your request as good as possible regarding story and outfit and in case you are asking for something I can't realize, I will mail you and we will find a solution which comes your story as close as possible. In case I'm really not able to realize your video, I will extend your membership.
How often do you update your members section?
I update my website once a week with at least one set and mostly with an additional videoclip too. If I'm on vacation or gone for photoshootings, I public the updates before I leave.
Member Password Protection!
Please be aware that my members section is watched by Pennywize. This means that every of your logins, your IP, your download quantity and the time you spend in my members area will be logged. In case the system should note too many logins with different IP's your account will be blocked for 24 hours. The daily download is limited to 2 Gigabytes. Therefore, please don't use any download tools but do download manually. If you come over the daily limit, your account will be blocked for 24 hours too. PLEASE do not share your login or post it somewhere. This will cause blocking of your account and I will not activate it anymore. I will claim you for comensation!
How easy is canceling if I am not happy here?
I would hope you would tell me why you aren't happy and allow me to try to rectify the situation first. If you do just want to cancel your subscription, follow this link cancel and fill out the necessary data. When you send the form you will receive an E-Mail confirming your cancellation. That's all! Of course I would be happy to see you back one day :-)!
Are there hidden charges? Will I join and find out I can only view a few things for the subscription price?
Absolutely not. All images and videoclips are available with your membership. I update my members area weekly and additionally you can view in the members section a free livecam program with schedule and pretty ladies from all over the world! This is a livecam/chat program with sound for FREE! One to one shows are offered too, but this has to be paid extra!
The spam question, are you going to email me all the time? If I cancel am I going to be put on a list and be notified every time you update?
NO! I NEVER email any of my members without them e-mailing me first. I understand if you cancelled, it was for a reason and I will respect that. If you don't like my members area now, I know you are intelligent enough to use your bookmark/favorites folders and check in yourself for updates if you want. I understand that some significant others would not appreciate finding email from me in your email box. I respect my members privacy and I leave them alone unless they ask me not to.
Last but not least!
If you should have any questions which is not answered or you are somehow still unsure if I'm the right site for you and your preferences send me an E-Mail and I try to answer your questions. I'm not hiding, I'm a real women and I commit to that what I do!
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